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High-Quality Swimming Pool Covers and Liners

Swimming pool safety covers have come a long way recently. Today’s covers offer new and improved technology causing them to be safer, more reliable, and protect your pool for years to come. Blue Wave Pools prides itself on being experts when it comes to knowledge on swimming pool safety covers and liners. We stock only brands we would trust to use in our own pools- Merlin, Tara, and Latham. Call us or stop in today to talk to our staff about what makes these brands and covers so special.

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Reliable Strength Meets Everyday Practicality

New swimming pool covers offer powerful tension springs that properly secure your cover, protecting it from even the harshest elements throughout Memphis’s winter. By using powerful brass anchors that stay flush with your pool’s deck when not in use, the cover stays secure. Not only do proper covers protect from the elements of weather, but unpredictable forces such as pets and children.

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Modern Easy to Use Installations

Just because name-brand swimming pool covers are strong and secure doesn’t mean that they’re cumbersome and difficult to install and remove. New technology has made them lightweight and easy to remove and store throughout the summer. Using included special tools, securing your pool’s cover when it’s time to close for winter is a breeze. Similarly, it makes them easier to remove when summer rolls around so you can spend less time wrestling with your cover and more time enjoying the relaxing weather.

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Prevent Debris, Algae, and Bacteria All Winter Long

When you invest in a proper safety pool cover to preserve your pool during the winter, you save not only on your pool’s life, but energy bills and extra work on your part as well. A good pool cover will block out UV sunlight, which causes algae to grow. The last thing you want when you go to open your pool for the summer is to find a nasty green science experiment under your cover. High-quality covers prevent sunlight, debris, and bacteria from entering your pool, allowing you to open it in the summer quicker, with fewer chemicals and less effort. Invest in a proper pool cover today and save money and time in the long run.

Knowledgeable Experts on Swimming Pool Covers

Our trusted stocked pool covers are custom measured and fabricated to perfectly match your swimming pool. They are strong enough to resist abrasion, tears, and bursts while being light enough to easily install and store. They also come in a variety of high-quality colors to match your outdoor area’s motif. Finally, the pool covers we carry all come with warranties to protect your investment. Stop by today and find out more about safety pool covers and linings at Blue Wave Pools.

Expert Knowledge of Excellent Products