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Swimming Pool Pump Installation and Maintenance

As a pool owner or a prospective swimming pool owner, you know there are many moving parts to maintaining your system. There are filters, heaters, chemicals, maintenance, and much more. At the center of everything and the most essential part of your pool is its pump. Your pool’s pump circulates the water, for filtration, heating, and evenly distributing chemical treatments. It is incredibly important to fit your pool with the correct size and type of pump and hydraulics system to adequately filter and circulate the water. The pump acts as the heart of your pool, make sure everything is perfectly moving and filtered. Call us or stop in today at Blue Wave Pools to talk to our expert staff whether you’re installing a new pool or upgrading your pump.

pool pump

New Technology in Energy-Efficient Pumps

Swimming pool pumps have come a long way over the years. Today’s models have adjustable parts to allow you to install your pump in even the tightest of spaces. Replacing your old pump is quick and easy with new ultra-compact models that operate more efficiently than previous older pumps. These new energy efficient pumps are designed to operate quietly and green, saving you on costly energy bills. Plus, their new inline connectivity means fewer pipes and plumbing around your property, allowing for an even more beautiful backyard pool area.

Helpful and Knowing Staff to Assist You

The right pump for your swimming pool circulates water efficiently through your filtration system, which removes algae, dirt, debris, and oils, and places the sanitized water back into use. It’s imperative that your pump is working optimally to keep your pool both safe and attractive. Talk to our team of knowledgeable staff to learn about how new state-of-the-art pumps can be more durable, energy efficient, reliable, and easier to install. With over 30 years of combined experience, we’re happy to help you find the right pump for your pool.

Expert Knowledge of Excellent Products