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Blue Wave Pools- Your Premier Memphis Location for Swimming Pool Knowledge


At Blue Wave Pools, we have been happy to provide Memphis, TN with pool knowledge, supplies, and services such as installation and maintenance. With over 30 years of combined work, our staff is proud to provide you expertise and care regarding your pool. Our services and wide range of supplies sold in our store include chemicals, covers, motors, filters, heaters, cleaners, liners, and much more. As each client is different, so are their pools. Bring in a water sample from your pool. We administer free in-store testing and offer you advice on chemicals and treatments you need. Our customized services are adaptable to whatever type and size pool you have. Call us today to schedule routine maintenance, repairs on your pool, or ask about issues you may be having. We’re here for you!

Years of Experience in Swimming Pool Service and Maintenance

Our friendly and helpful staff has years of experience in the swimming pool industry. We offer free in-store labor and water testing with all new digital technology. We’re also the Memphis, TN warranty center for Dolphin, Hayward, and Polaris pool equipment, including robotic cleaners, pumps, filters, lighting, and much more. In addition to helping you maintain and service your cleaners, we offer pump repairs and other maintenance services. We are CPO certified (Pool & Spa Operator) and have been awarded Memphis Most for Best Pool and Spa Company 2018. Come in today and see what makes us unique, from our approachable and helpful staff to our vast knowledge of swimming pool technology, service, and maintenance.

Proud to Service Memphis, TN

As pool owners ourselves, we take pride and care to provide our enthusiasm and knowledge of swimming pools to Memphis, TN, and the surrounding neighborhoods. From the moment you step into our storefront to shop for equipment to the maintenance and service calls our professional technicians conduct at your pool, we’re here for you. Call us today and get started, whether you’re doing research on installing a new pool, upgrading your existing one, or need some professional advice on your pool system.

Expert Knowledge of Excellent Products